babies, babies, everywhere!

There’s a babyboom going on or something, I have had my share of itty-bitties lately!  Meet little R.  I drove to Port Clinton today to meet him and his Mom & Dad after taking K. to school =)  He is one month old yesterday, I believe!  Super sleepy and happy as could be…


He’s just darling isn’t he?  Too bad they don’t STAY that peaceful :)  I also got to meet up with my friend S. from high-school – this was her shower/babygift to her friend that she works with – how thoughtful!  I suppose I should actually list that gift certificates are available. I have so much to de-clutter and get around to.  I have so many great friends that I hardly get to see, and when I do, it’s never for long enough.  Great to meet you all today and S. it was so great to see you!

Sorry there is only one – company coming over soon and this one caught my eye while making my backups. Enjoy, I will be back eventually!

Happy Friday,


  • February 20, 2009 - 4:32 pm

    Kelly J. - Dani~
    The baby pics are absolutely darling! They look like little Anne Geddes babies…where were you when the twins were born??? Ha hA….We got stuck with Olan Mills!! That’s ok..we know how to find ya now :)

  • February 27, 2009 - 12:30 pm

    Magdalena - how darn cute. you do amazing with babies (well with all kids), but esp. babies!


 From the mouth of the potentially busiest mom next to the lady with the octuplets, I am slammed!  I am *still* trying to get caught up but the roadblocks just keep coming.  

If you have not had a chance to read my prior post, please do so and do it with your heart wide open.  I have recieved some great responses and am looking forward to them growing.  If you give directly to versus going through me – that is FINE! Please just email me a copy of your recipt and you will still recieve the credit(s).  Any other donations will go toward helping offset my travel and print costs to kindly provide families in the fight with complementary sessions.  I am an extremly small business but I really want to be able to help make a difference, even if small.

Onto the stuff you’re really actually interested in – photos!  Here’s a few more for the M. family and probably the last sneak peek (sorry!).  I can’t give them all away before the big reveal :), now can I?!  I love after I have finally finished up a gallery, being able to go back and share even more.  I just think mom and dad should get to view them all first!  Enjoy, she’s a little doll and has the cutest, rolliest- polliest legs there could ever be!


 She’ll be giving her mom and dad a run for their money soon crawling.  As you can see from these two frames, she was upright on her belly in one and rolling around in the next!  Oh how I miss that stage (sometimes)!



Peace, love, and Pampers – until next time…



  • February 19, 2009 - 7:39 am

    Julie Madell - thanks for another sneak peek! I love them! I can’t wait to see them all. I hope all goes well at your checkup. Talk to you soon.





I guess by now my readers know my position on childhood cancer – and if you’re sick of reading about it – I’ll be okay if you leave… because I will advocate until I’m blue in the face and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Locally this has become an epidemic, to say the least – and it’s growing numbrs and waxing pain for the children and the families it effects is beyond comprehensible.  EPA this and that – whatever – there isn’t any more time to wait and action is appropriate.  We must educate those around us about what is happening – not only here, but all over the world as these gorgeous children are being delt hands in card games that aren’t even fit for the most robust of adults.  At my wedding, I read the statistics to my guests on ACS and where and what (little) funding/dontaions actually goes to childhood cancer research.  It’s just not enough.  We need to bind together and get it where it needs to be – so that when your children or grandchildren are afflicted, there is 10x the knowledge on the scientists’ desk as to go how to detangle it.

Meet my 4:00 from saturday, Alexa.  You can read her story here.  Be sure to sign the guestbook when you stop by if you can leave any words of encouragement for their amazing family.

Alexa is soft and sweet and her voice is precious.  She loves her cats and her dogs equally and will absolutely not choose between the two when asked to pick a favorite.  She is 10 and will be 11 next week and she likes her fuzzy white hat and will wear it no matter what her sisters say – because she has an opinion and it comes first:)


This is Alexa’s family.  Her sisters are a teacher (some of you may know her as she is local) and a nursing student (who I can sense will be great), and her brother is a 15 (16!) year old student who probably would rather not have his picture taken but he did it anyway and never complained.  There is a mom and a dad, Wendy and Warren and they are Warriors (no play on the Warren, swear). 

They are warriors because upon entering their home and meeting them I could see and feel the rage of love they carry for Alexa and her siblings and if you have seen them on TV news reports, you will know that is such by the words that they speak.  Here you see how awesome they are toether and that they are smiling.  But the truth is that they are freezing and the weather stunk and we are in the middle of a cul-de-sac and that the girls have no socks on (smile).

Okay – seriously, though.  Behind these gorgeous smiles is the fight of a lifetime.  A fight you or I maybe can only imagine.  A war so deep and so passionate that the sound barrier could be broken if it had the properties to do so.


 I want you all to see that this is REAL. It is HERE. It is so close.  I went on about this when Christi died and so many of you graciously donated to the fight at my wedding (we skipped the “dollar dance or whatever” and took up dontations instead).  

I am no scientist.  I cannot create a cure or a better treatment.  But what I can do is charitably offer sessions for those who deserve to have amazing images and use those images to create awareness.  I can photoshop and make things graphicly pretty darn well but I cannot create the elements that I hope so close to my heart, are created. 

From now until May 15th, 2009 – I am making you an offer.

If you donate  $5.00 toward fighting this beast – you will recieve a $10.00 print credit toward your next order.

If you donate  $10.00 toward fighting this beast – you will recieve $10.00 print credit AND $5.00 off of your session fee due when you book your date.

For every person that you refer – who also makes a donation, you will recieve an additional $5.00 (up to 20.00 in value) off of your session fee when you book your date! Just make sure they note who reffered them!

This credit applies to any sessions booked from today until 5/15/09 – meaning you can book in may for a november session for all I care (smile) and still recieve the credit.

I’m not trying to save the world here and I know that I can’t.  But I can help rally the impact for the fighters, the survivors, and our future children who can potentially be affected.

If you are ready – please join in.  Use the contact form or email me at to complete your donation and recieve your credit(s).

All donations will help in providing these sessions for families in the fight and to CureSearch. Check it.

Spread the word.


PS: lovely meeting you Brown family:)pardon me for talking your faces off today!

PSS: sorry the family photo isnt BW as I promised… it WILL be:)ha!

  • February 15, 2009 - 11:33 am

    Jen Moyer - Put us down for $10.00!! You are doing a great thing Dani!

  • February 15, 2009 - 3:26 pm


  • February 16, 2009 - 5:21 pm

    Alisha - Dani, you are wonderful! :-)

  • February 28, 2009 - 1:13 am

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  • April 20, 2009 - 7:31 pm

    National News » Danielle Luc Photography - [...] Remeber Alexa?  Clyde OH was on CNN/HLN this afternoon.  Please excuse the crappy recording as I did it from my Vado HD handheld and my microwave beeping in the background [...]

  • July 6, 2009 - 11:54 pm

    » Danielle Luc Photography - [...] have to start out by saying that little Alexa is floating like a silken feather into the wind, navigating her pathway into heaven – where she [...]

I’m back :)

Happy Valentine’s day to you sicko love-birds out there!  I do not favor much a Hallmark Holiday other than for the kids :)  This morning I had the pleasure of photographing the M. family - mom J. happens to be the daughter of my third grade teacher and the cousin of my old favorite babysitter!  Just one to share here as I have to head off to Clyde this afternoon for another session with the B. family – who ironicly contains a family member that works with mom J from this mornings session! More tomorow, I have my last december session to finish proofing (yes KS, they ARE coming!) and I will finally be caught up from my wipeout.

Meet GORGEOUS little E.




There… that should give you enough baby-gaga sweetness until I return.  Isn’t she precious?!

  • February 15, 2009 - 3:12 pm

    Julie Madell - I love the picture of her! I can’t wait to see more. Put me down for $10.00 for a donation against fighthing the horrible beast of cancer. What a great thing you are doing! Talk to you soon. Make sure you rest and take it easy with your shoulder.. you don’t want to over-do it and not heal properly. Bye for now!