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before + after

A little bit of fun for my photographer friends – I think at some point we are all curious what everyones images look like straight out of the camera (sooc) and then a final edit, and how we got there, so I thought I would share one. This image was taken with 5d mark II […]

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word on wednesday – #4

grateful. My choice for “grateful” was my family.  I have this image framed in my house and have little wooden people that represent the four of us that sit on top.  I love it <3 Cindy, Alicia, and Christi sent in adorrrrrable images of the kids theyare grateful for.  Alicia wrote to me, how grateful […]

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Sweet Summer

Delicious Ohio-made-naturally-amazing  Jeni’s ( was sitting on my front porch the other day as a birthday gift from a good friend.  So good…  And a friendly water-balloon fight with the kids and their cousins =) “Those” front teeth are on their way in.  I can feel the profit margin for the orthodontist going up already… […]

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