…and then it happened…

The Holland’s were my second family in town for Easter from the Columbus area and they rounded out my saturday evening. I had the chance to photograph them a few years ago and hadn’t seen them since – the first image, she was just SO LITTLE to me last time I saw her, and now she looks so grown up.

Her older sister wasn’t too interested back then, nor was she saturday to have her photo taken but we reached a breakthrough after a chit chat (and a bit of a bargain I held mom to) and then THAT happened. T. has NO IDEA how gorgeous she is – she smiled and her whole face just lit right up. I hope she loves this portrait of herself. Sometimes it’s hard to see in the mirror what everyone tells you sometimes… I am a firm believer that everyone needs a nice portrait of themselves as a reminder of just how lovely you really are. I wasnt certain I was going to get one of these amazing expressions from her and then it just happened. I felt joy for her.

Some might be curious if, for the limited timeframe the family mini’s run if “the magic” still happens – and judging by the laughter going on here, I think it goes without saying:)

Thank you to Mom for bringing you and your beautiful girls to see me while you were here, I’ll have the rest of your images in a short time.

Have a fantastic end to the week everyone, see below again about information regarding the mothers day event for this year, please!



  • April 12, 2012 - 4:24 pm

    Rachel H - Love these!!! T looks so beautiful!! Hope she loves this!! Thanks Dani you did awesome work!!

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