Just a quick one :)


Just popping in quick to say Hi.


Enjoying a quiet evening of catch-up/tie the ends up.  I’ve got a few albums to work up and order and some bits of proofing to do here… I’m trying to get as caught up as I can as I delve into the wedding world a week from today. 


It’s been two weeks since I photographed little B. and I’m just now getting her gallery ready.  Between my hospital stay and this little cold going on (and gladly almost all cleared up) in my house, I’ve been thrown off a little. Yikes.

K.’s loose tooth fell out yesterday.  Her little smile looks so cute and grown up now. *Sigh* I wasn’t ready for how seeing her without that baby tooth was going to make me feel! At least it fell out mid-burger king and she almost had no clue.  I’m just glad she didnt swallow it… holy cow.

Have a great weekend everyone :)  Enjoy miss blue-eyes.

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